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Richard Saunders

richard (at)
Twitter @skepticzone

Host / Producer

Life Member Australian Skeptics
Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) Fellow

James Randi Educational Foundation Million Dollar Challenge Committee

Podcaster, Vodcaster and TV Skeptic as seen on'THE ONE'. In his free time (free time?) he is also part of the Mystery Investigators show for schools.

Richard is also an origami expert and author of 30 books for children. He travels often to the USA to speak at conventions and meetings.

Richard founded Sydney Skeptics in the Pub. Details here.

Stefan Sojka

stefan (at)

Host / Music

Stefan hails from a long line of ear candlers, and was conceived under a crystal chandelier with the spiritual transfer of his fatherís DNA to his mother through Magnetic Reiki gloves. He radiates a universal energy through all 8 of his Chakras Ė the 8th one having been donated to him as he strolled by a car crash and the chakra latched itself onto his right elbow.

Stefanís interest in the paranormal began three lifetimes ago when his lordship was probed by a green dwarf-like humanoid. Since then all future lives have agreed to further the cause of celestial transcendence through cosmically aligned neo-breatharianism. Most of his ashram alumni agree he is completely homeopathetic.

Dr. Rachael Dunlop

rachael (at)
Twitter @DrRachie

Reporter / Dr Rachie Reports

Winner of Twitter Shorty Award for Health 2010

Rachael Dunlop has a PhD from Sydney University Medical School and works full time in heart disease research and is a Vice President of the NSW committee of Australian Skeptics.

She is also part of the Mystery Investigators show for schools and co-organises the Sydney Skeptics meet-up group, and contributes to The Sceptics' Book of Pooh-Pooh blog.

In a previous life, Rachael worked as a copywriter for an advertising agency writing commercials for televison, radio and press and then as a graphic designer. Rachael has a passion for combining her knowledge of art and science through scientific communication.

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Twitter @maynardcomau

Reporter / Maynard's Spooky Action...


Maynard, formerly known as Maynard F# Crabbes, is an Australian entertainer, television presenter and radio announcer. He was a key figure in bringing the ABC's youth-oriented radio station Triple J to national prominence. He appeared as himself in the Australian film The Castanet Club.

Since 2009, Maynard has branched out into providing podcasts, where he has become increasingly involved in the field of skepticism.

Jo Alabaster

jo (at)
Twitter @joalabaster

Reporter / Evidence Please...

Jo Alabaster is a BSc undergrad, aspiring science communicator and parent to two small children. She blogs at Evidence, Please on a wide range of skeptical topics, spends far too much time on Twitter. She lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, but even after five years, still manages to resist referring to them as the "Woo Mountains".

As soon as she can produce solid evidence of the existence of the spirit of the staircase that she's quite convinced is haunting her, Jo plans to claim the JREF's million dollar prize and sail to Iceland to photograph the Aurora Borealis.

Eran Segev

eran (at)
Twitter @eransegev

Reporter / Grain of Salt

As a father of three who owes his skepticism to a primary school science teacher, Eran has a special interest in education and in the promotion of critical thinking to the younger members of society.

When not being a Skeptic, he earns his keep by working as an IT consultant and doing the dishes.


Heidi Robertson

Twitter @Heidihowdi

Reporter / The Raw Skeptic Report


Heidi used to be an Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic in Sydney, and in various locations overseas for 10 years.

Despite having a Bachelor of Health Science in Pre-Hospital Care, she dabbled in various alternative therapies over many years before her critical thinking skills kicked in. The catalyst for this was once she had kids and realised that around 50% of the kids in her Northern Rivers region of NSW community were not immunised- thus endangering her own children. As a result of this, she is now a co-administrator of the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters Group, dedicated to turning the tide of anti-vaccination misinformation in Australia's worst area for vaccine refusal.


Dr Krissy Wilson

Roving Reporter

Dr Krissy is a lecturer and psychologist. She has had rather an eclectic career starting out as a professional actress. She then joined British Airways and worked as cabin crew for six years. Whilst working for BA she studied for a BSc in psychology and went on to complete a PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Her main research topics are the creation of false memories, the psychology of belief and individual differences. since arriving from the UK in 2007 she has been tryng out career number 4. So far she has tried stand - up, property developing and if you need your bathroom tiled, Krissy's your girl!

Jim Wilshire

jimwilshire (at)
Voice Over

Jim is one of Australia's top rating radio stars from the 1980s and 1990s.

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